Mondo’s Incredible New GREMLINS LP Reacts To Water And Sunlight

Once again, the Mondo team knocks it out of the park.

Look, maybe we're biased because we're all working under the same corporate umbrella, but for our money no one does awesome collectibles as well as our friends at Mondo. Their posters are top-notch, their toys have been across-the-board excellent, and the vinyl releases are never anything less than amazing. 

We got a taste of that earlier this week with Mondo's brilliantly-designed Fight Club LP (it's sold out now, but definitely stop by this page to check out the unboxing video if you haven't seen it already; it's fantastic), and now they're back again with another excellent release, this one for Jerry Goldsmith's iconic Gremlins score.

The trick to this set is, the album itself (a double LP pressed on 180 gram vinyl and featuring artwork by Phantom City Creative) reacts to both sunlight and water. You read that correctly. 

Look. Here's what the album looks like away from sunlight ...

... expose it to sunlight, though, and suddenly it looks like this:

The LP sleeves themselves react to water. Brush either of them with a damp rag and ... well, take a look!

Isn't that great? Here's the other one.

Oh, and here's a look at the inside of the package. Gorgeous artwork.

This double LP set will go on sale via the Mondo website on November 30th. Chances are, it's gonna go real fast, so keep your eyes peeled to the Mondo News Twitter feed for updates on when the drop occurs, and be quick when you're going through checkout. Good luck to everyone who's going after one of these! If one of you wants to buy me one for Christmas, I wouldn't be opposed.