THE CROW Remake Gets More Of That Really Bad News It’s Used To

America, bloodied but not beaten, WILL put a CROW remake into theaters.

I don’t know how many times I can pour one out for The Crow remake. How many times can I applaud its Rocky-like ability to take every hit the world can throw yet never surrender. How many different actors I have to imagine in clown makeup playing guitar on a rain-drenched rooftop.

But here’s one more. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Crow will no longer be a Relativity jam. Now all the rights belong to Samuel Hadida’s Davis Films, Electric Shadow and Highland Film Group, whatever they are.

Are Jason Momoa and director Corin Hardy still attached? You’d have to ask God, who for whatever reason appears to have a vested interest in seeing this project crash and burn - a cogent lesson reminding us all not to piss that guy off.