Current Beer Industry And The President Elect

So, what's new in the beer world with that new president elect person from the TV?

Well, mexican mega-lager Corona's stock is plummeting based on how hard it’s about to be to get all those clear bottles of beachside nostalgic dreams over the pending border wall. Even though we’ve still got a few months to go before the Donald can start demanding ham at every meal - the Corona statiscial wizards are braced for Americans to start drinking less of their product with the cultural climate going the way that it has gone. Trump has also suggested imposing higher taxes on imported products in general from the bad hombres of Mexico…. So help me if this affects anything to do with my Topo Chico...

Meanwhile, the CEO of Corona’s parent company Constellation, Rob Sands, told shareholders that he and his team are monitoring the changing environment and policy proposals in order to "respond accordingly and engage with government accordingly.” The CEO went on, “We’ve had a long history of working with our representatives from all levels of the U.S. government from both political parties. As Trump develops his plans, we will continue to engage with them.”  

Translation: The White House “Taco Salad Fridays” are going to be LIT. Goblets of Coronas all over the place and Newt Gingrich, Secretary of Lime Cutting, will be wearing a bathing suit and way too much sunscreen. Hey Sarah Palin, cool it on the red onions in that gauc! That’s plenty!

Elsewhere in the beer conglomerate landscape - we look at Pennsylvania to America's oldest brewery: D. G. Yuengling & Son. Dick Yuengling, the 5th generation owner of the iconic company showered Eric Trump with praise while showing him the brewhouse and repeatedly and publically made it very clear that he and the brewery are huge fans and need him in the White House. For those in the North East, Yuengling has been their go-to cheap lager for generations, but just like how sneakerheads are burning their New Balances, loyal Yuengling drinkers are stopping their support in solidarity with their conscience.  The social media hashtag #BoycottYuengling has become a full-on thing and many are vowing to never touch again.

This is not normal.  

In these ruff times, we must never forget that back in 2011, Barack Obama and his Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives, Sam Kass, brewed the first ever beer at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and now as a result - every homebrew shop from sea to shining sea carries the recipes for the White House Honey Ale and Honey Porter.  

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