Legendary Is Getting Into The DUNE Game

But what will they do with it?

Looks like the time has arrived for yet another adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. We already have the David Lynch version, a Syfy version and even a documentary on what would have been the Jodorowski version. Now we’re likely to get the big CG version. 

The Hollywood Reporter claims Legendary has just purchased the rights for the classic sci-fi novel. What’s interesting is that they might not make a movie out of it. Or not just a movie anyway. It’s possible they will develop the property for television instead. It’s not hard to imagine a big prestige show coming out of the material. For many fans, such a thing would probably be preferred.

Obviously, a lot more has to develop before it’s time to start getting excited (or pissed). All I know is I need more sandworm action in my life. If nothing else, this should help with that. And since it’s Legendary, I will also accept a Sandworm vs King Kong vs Godzilla movie.