Adam McKay’s Next Will Be Dick Cheney Movie

Surely a positive take on the famously adored ex-Vice President.

Adam McKay won big last year when he finally found an outlet for all his political rage with The Big Short. Now it looks like he’s at it again, but this time with a very specific target, ex-Vice President Dick Cheney.

Deadline reports that McKay has quietly written a script about the guy and is about to send it out to actors. The film will go to Paramount with the same production team used in The Big Short, including Will Ferrell.

But of course, that doesn’t mean Ferrell will be in the film or that it will be funny at all. The Big Short definitely had its lighter moments, but I wouldn’t classify it as a comedy. Either way, I’m excited to see what McKay has to say about this very interesting figure, someone whose run in the White House definitely doesn’t have a lot of positive spin to it. Hopefully, this comes together quickly.