SUPERGIRL, FLASH, ARROW And LEGENDS Assemble In Crossover Posters

See if you can spot the Super Friends reference!

Starting at the tail-end of Supergirl next Monday, The CW will begin an unprecedented four-night “Heroes Vs Aliens” crossover, bringing the Girl of Steel over to Earth-1 for the first time, to fight alongside the teams from The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Here’s a look at the posters for the event, with a neat little design Easter Egg for true blue DC fans:

Did you catch it? Computer, ENHANCE: 

Buddy, that building in the background? That right there is the Hall of Justice!

It’s a neat little detail that doesn’t necessarily amount to anything, but it’s a nice nod to this continuity slowly becoming its own definitive version of the DC mythos. All four shows have had strong seasons thus far, and that trend is set to continue when our heroes team up to face The Dominators next week. Three whole hours of this!

In the meantime, here’s some behind the scenes footage from EW’s DC photo shoot. Try not to smile, I dare ya.