ALIEN: COVENANT Poster Sports New Release Date And A Very Familiar Face

Well this is surprising.

First off, I don’t want to get between you and a pretty face:

That’s a tweet directly from Fox. It has two surprises. One, it looks like the alien design in this film will be a lot more traditional than I expected. And two, this guy is coming out three months earlier than expected.

Alien: Covenant has shifted release dates a couple times already. Last we heard, it was coming out August 2017. This poster, as you can see, tells a different story. Now Alien: Covenant will be one of the movies kicking off the upcoming summer movie season rather than ending it. Which is weird because these aliens are far more accustomed to fucking ending things.

What does this mean for the film? Does is indicate confidence on Fox’s part? Or does it mean Ridley Scott decided to just make a talky movie that doesn’t need three months of CG work. Like My Dinner With Andre but with Michael Fassbender’s head having esoteric conversations with one of those bodybuilding albinos. I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out. But at least our wait is now shorter.