Check Out The New Promo For DC’S Four-Way Crossover

Get ready for some fun.

"Heroes Vs Aliens," DC's Supergirl/The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow crossover begins this coming Monday, and it's going to put some of your favourite television superheroes in the same room. Maybe some of them will get along! Maybe some won't! The only guarantee is a good time:

Admittedly, I was so excited by the idea of Supergirl hanging out with the likes of Flash and Atom that I forgot what would happen if she met a die-hard cynic like Mick Roary. I like the result! Here it is again, in case you missed it:

"I'm not going to call you Supergirl. It's stupid."

"How did you get the name 'Heatwave'?"

"I like to light things on fire."


*Heatwave lights an alien on fire*

That was fun just to transcribe.

The shots of these heroes standing together, and working together, and entering a room together are exciting enough, and I can't wait until we actually get to see them hang out and interact. Four nights! Well, three and some change since the crossover won't really begin until the end of Monday's Supergirl episode, but we're still talking a good three hours of television dedicated to these wonderful characters. 

All four shows have had strong seasons so far, and this looks to be another feather in the collective cap of the DC television multiverse. So cool.