Bad News: Sylvester Stallone Departs Jim Mickle’s GODFORSAKEN

Godforsaken on two fronts.

Stallone is trying to do interesting things with his post-Creed surge. I applaud him for that, as he usually takes acclaim and immediately blows it. There’s hope he won’t do that this time.

One of those interesting future projects was Godforsaken, a crime drama directed by Cold in July’s Jim Mickle. The story - an ex-con hears about the death of a son he barely knows and must get some default revenge - may sound a little typical, but Mickle’s involvement provided an interesting wrinkle. Though I don’t love the guy as much as others, with him around it didn’t look like this was going to be another Expendables or Escape Plan-type sleepwalking film for Stallone.

Well now it’s definitely not going to be one of those because Stallone won’t be in it at all. According to Deadline, Stallone has suddenly left the film, which he helped develop at the script level. No one has any real reason for Stallone’s departure yet, though more news may arrive on that front soon. Or maybe not! Maybe he saw We are What we Are and just got cold feet.

As for the film, it’s going back into development, presumably with Mickle still on board.