BUCKAROO BANZAI Creators Being Sued So That Kevin Smith Can Remake Their Property

You think YOU'RE having a bad 2016.

(Credit where credit's due, that headline and subheader was all Phil.)

Kevin Smith has been wanting to do a Buckaroo Banzai TV show for a while, but God, in the form of a legal rights dispute, rightly jumped in there and said “I don’t think so, guy.”

But as our recent election proved, God stopped doing pushups some time ago. As such, Deadline reports MGM is now going to sue writer and director Earl Mac Rauch and Walter Richter for rights to the film so Kevin Smith can make his TV show out of it. That’s an ouch for those guys.

I am sorry about whatever this does to your day and/or sense of justice, which I have to imagine has been tarnished enough lately. Although, who knows. MGM may lose. We’ll just have to wait and see whenever American Crime Story gets around to this one.