KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE No Longer A Summer 2017 Movie

The spy sequel will now go head to head with BLADE RUNNER 2049.

Fox is shuffling their upcoming movie slate like crazy. We recently learned their Alien: Covenant will come out way earlier than we anticipated. And now it looks like Kingsman: The Golden Circle will have to settle into a new release date as well.

Originally set to come out as a big summer movie on June 16, Kingsman will now come out October 6, not only taking it out of tentpole season but also putting it head to head with the very anticipated (or curious in the very least) Blade Runner 2049.

That could make for an interesting weekend at the movies. On one hand, you have a sure to be dour sci-fi movie that people have been waiting a long time to see. On the other, you get a bright, fun and violent romp. I’d double feature the shit out of that.

Then again, there’s always the possibility that Blade Runner will get moved next. We’ve heard so little about its production, it’s almost hard to believe it’ll be ready in less than a year.