Yes! Tom Holland May Join CHAOS WALKING

This project is looking better and better.

Tom Holland won our hearts in his brief Spider-Man appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Chances are good he will win us over even more in his very own Spider-Man movie this summer. Now it sounds like he might break them in Doug Liman’s adaptation of the Chaos Walking trilogy.

According to Empire, Holland is in talks to join the project. He would play the lead opposite Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley. They are not going small with this one.

Nor should they. The Chaos Walking series is seriously badass, a Young Adult epic that talks up to its target audience and honestly feels apart from its brethren. It’s dark and violent and tense and often very heartbreaking. It’s also kind of weird - for starters it takes place in a weird place where there are no women (obviously that ends up not being true), and all these dudes can hear each other’s thoughts. I can’t imagine how Liman will successfully translate all that to a movie, but I have a lot of faith he can.

This is really exciting. These casting choices show a lot of confidence in going all out on Chaos Walking, and I couldn’t be happier.