Bradley Cooper And Gavin O’Connor Are Going To War In ATLANTIC WALL

Bradley Cooper's getting back into the military game.

According to the folks over at Empire, Bradley Cooper is joining forces with director Gavin O'Connor to bring the D-Day thriller Atlantic Wall to life. 

Here's how they're describing Zach Dean's script for the film:

Atlantic Wall follows a lone American paratrooper trapped behind enemy lines in the crucial hours before D-Day. He has to deliver important intelligence while also feeling the pull of duty to a murdered ally in protecting the dead friend's young son.

So, a little bit Behind Enemy Lines, a little bit Private Ryan, and ... well, honestly, that last bit about "protecting the dead friend's young son" has me a little confused, so I'm not entirely sure what other film we can use as a touchstone for that part. I'm assuming the kid's back home and Cooper's character is sweating his safety for some reason? Hey, maybe they can bring that baby from American Sniper back to play the son; that kid was a natural.

Anyway, this sounds like it could make for an alright movie, right? And if you're not sold yet, don't worry: there's plenty of time. Empire suggests production won't begin on Atlantic Wall until at least 2018, once Cooper's wrapped on his directorial debut, A Star Is Born.