Michael Winterbottom Will Direct Sacha Baron Cohen In GREED

Let's hope for the best.

About a month ago, we learned that Sacha Baron Cohen was set to star in a remake of Drafthouse Films' Klown, in a post which generated far more excitement than anyone at Birth.Movies.Death. expected. Now comes word that Cohen's lined up yet another project, a comedy called Greed, which he will star in for director Michael Winterbottom. 

Deadline describes the film as "a satirical take on the world of the super-rich with Baron Cohen playing a cut-throat retail billionaire", a logline which honestly gives me unfortunate flashbacks to The Dictator, one of the least-funny comedies I have ever felt compelled to walk out of.

That said, Michael Winterbottom's no slouch when it comes to comedy, and lord knows I've been entertained by Cohen's hijinks in the past. He's made a few missteps, but surely one of these projects - be it Klown or Greed - will offer a return to form. Right? We can be hopeful about that, can't we? Guys?

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