Patience Pays Off: Billy Dee Williams To Play Two-Face In THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE

Could this movie generate any more goodwill?

Once upon a time, there was a big Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. This was the late ‘80s, long before superheroes dominated the Hollywood tentpole landscape. It was huge. And it was smart enough to start laying franchise groundwork for fans to get excited about.

One such bit was the casting of Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent, who of course, is destined to someday become Two-Face. But that didn’t happen. As the series progressed into high-shit, it was decided we'd all pretend that never happened and the Two-Face role was given to notorious goofball and fun-loving thespian, Tommy Lee Jones.

It was a grave injustice. But now it appears that wrong is being righted in the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie. According to the following Twitter exchange with director Chris McKay, Billy Dee Williams is lending his soothing voice to the Two-Face role, as destined:

This movie already has a stellar, outside the box voice cast - including Michael Cera as Robin and Zack Galifianakis as The Joker. But adding Billy Dee Williams just makes it that much sweeter.

The LEGO Batman Movie is coming to take all your damn money February 10.