21 JUMP STREET Spinoff Gets New Writer And Possible Director

No, not the MiB one.

The sequel montage that ended 22 Jump Street kind of put the kibosh on any ideas of a sequel for the series... until the idea came up to take things one step further by combining 21 Jump Street with Men in Black. While that idea is still in development, it at least sounds promising. Like something people might actually want to see.

But this isn’t about that. This is about a regular old spinoff. We don’t know who it will focus on or what it will be about. Just that they’re making it for some reason. And according to Deadline, Sony just set up Rodney Rothman to write the script and possibly direct the film.

Rothman co-wrote 22 Jump Street, so he isn’t completely out of left field here. What’s odd is that the movie already had Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs on the project, as well as Bob’s Burgers’ Lizzy and Wendy Molyneux. What happened to them? Did they not work out? Did they come to work asking “Why are we even doing this?” too often?

Both 21 and 22 Jump Street movies taught us a very valuable lesson about judging things (TV show remake movies, sequels) ahead of time. So maybe this can do the same for spinoffs. But without Lord & Miller, I’m not feeling all that optimistic.