FX Finally Orders SONS OF ANARCHY Spinoff Pilot, MAYANS MC

Don’t get attached to any of these characters.

I quit Sons of Anarchy sometime around the third season, so I’m not as up as I should be on how the Mayan MC’s figured into that show’s overall story. But I’m sure some of you are, and chances are you might be excited to hear that those two-wheeled wackos are getting their own spinoff show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, FX has said yes to a Mayan MC series pilot. Kurt Sutter and producing partner Elgin James will write. Sutter will direct the pilot. Not only that, but according to this Instagram post, it looks like actor Emilio Rivera will come back as well:

Boy, that's beautiful.

Not a lot is known about the show yet, though it appears it will follow a newbie in the club. He probably has a lot of people he needs to kill. And I’m sure he’ll get some of them. But not before the pursuit kills others around him, which forces him to go out and get more revenge. Boy, what a vicious cycle! Motor-cycle!

You might think the Sons of Anarchy ship has sailed, but I don’t know. The original show was huge for FX, so there’s a good chance this could be worth their time. Especially with Sutter’s involvement. We’ll just have to wait and see.