Sony’s DARK TOWER App Can Now Determine Whether You’re Psychic Or Not

Turns out, Scott is moderately psychic. He already knew this.

Been a while since we've had any developments on the Dark Tower front, but today something new landed in our laps: Sony's Sombra app (which we previously discussed at length here) has just been updated with a "Psychic Aptitude Test", which - according to the app - can assess:

"...subjects' psychic talents. Those showing any signs of the Shine should be enrolled immediately in Sombra's Special Talent Program."

We'll circle back to that mention of "the Shine" in just a minute. For now, let's take a look at what the app does. First, you need to have the Sombra app downloaded (duh). Secondly, you'll need to access the "Employee" area of the app, located in the drop-down menu in the top left of the app's screen. Third, you'll need a pair of passcodes, and to get those, you'll need to have received a special copy of Charlie The Choo-Choo from the good folks at Sombra.

What's that? You didn't receive your own copy of Charlie The Choo-Choo from Sombra? No worries, we got you covered: the username is "NCPadmin3" and the password is "19-99". Enter those and you'll be brought to a screen that looks like this:

Once you've got that Shine test downloaded, click the box (note: wonder what all these other boxes will end up doing in the months ahead?), which takes you to this screen:

Of course you want to know if you're psychic or not (note: if you're psychic, you should already know that you're psychic, but I digress). Click "Start Test" and you'll be brought to a series of screens that look like this:

What follows is a 1984 Ghostbusters-style psychic guessing-game (minus the electroshocks) where you're asked to determined which shape is hidden under the card. Score a high enough percentage and this happens:

So, for starters, I am psychic. It's time all of you knew. Yes, I'm only moderately psychic, but in time I'm certain I can raise my game to Danny Torrance levels of psychic wizardry. 

And speaking of Danny Torrance: what are we to make of the fact that Sony's The Dark Tower adaptation is porting in terminology from The Shining? I'm almost certain that particular term ("the Shine") is never used in the Dark Tower novels, and a brief consultation with Birth.Movies.Death.'s other Dark Tower nerds seems to support that suspicion. It's interesting for a number of reasons, but chief among them is this: shouldn't that terminology be restricted to use only by Warner Bros.? I legitimately don't know the answer to this question, but I am curious. 

Anyway, head on over to the Sombra app via your favorite gadget (I ran mine on an iPad with no problems) to find out whether or not you're psychic, or hit up the Amazon link below to pick up your very own copy of Beryl Evans' Charlie The Choo-Choo (note: those copies won't come with the special code mentioned above, but you don't need that anymore, anyway; let it never be said that I don't have your back on this Dark Tower ish, folks).