THE BELKO EXPERIMENT Trailer Asks: “Which Co-Worker Would You Kill First?”

I mean, if you HAD to. Not that you want to.

The first trailer for Greg McLean's The Belko Experiment is here, and ohhhhh man does this one look like it's gonna be something special. 

Check it out (also, heads up: this is a red-band trailer and deals with people killing their co-workers, so maybe bookmark this one for after work):

So this looks a little bit Cube, a little bit Battle Royale, and maybe a little bit High-Rise. If that elevator pitch isn't enough to get you onboard, maybe the exploding heads, dark humor, and Tony Goldwyn inexplicably sounding exactly like Ed Harris will. 

Word 'round the campfire is that this movie does not pull its punches, which - considering that it comes to us from Greg "Wolf Creek" McLean and James "Slither" Gunn - shouldn't be all that surprising. Here's hoping that it's just as gnarly as we've heard it is. We'll find out when The Belko Experiment hits theaters on March 17th, 2017.

Bonus Discussion Question: assuming the Birth.Movies.Death. staff were trapped in an office building together, who do you think gets the axe first, and why? Please show your work in the space provided below.