THE MUMMY Gets A Poster, A Brief Teaser And A Stolen Tagline

The Universal Monster universe is about to begin (again).

There’s a lot going on movie-wise this summer. So much that one could be forgiven for forgetting that Universal is going to unleash their second attempt at a shared universe with The Mummy. But hey, that’s what marketing is for! And to that end, we have a poster and one of those trailer for the trailer things:

And here’s the poster:

As you can see, The Mummy stars Tom Cruise as a guy who has to stop The Enchantress from Suicide Squad. Good luck to him, she's p tough.

The biggest curiosity is robbing The Bride of Frankenstein of its “Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters” line. I suppose it’s not outright theft since it evokes the larger universe at play here, but it still seems weird. Is it a clue that we might see a little Frankenstein in this? Or his monster? That should be very exciting for those who haven’t seen Penny Dreadful!

Look for a full trailer to hit Sunday. Maybe call all your pals and organize a viewing party.