Kristen Stewart Headlines Brand-New Music Video From The Rolling Stones

In which Millennials find out about the Rolling Stones.

I expected to see many things online today, but I confess that I did not expect to see a brand-new music video from The Rolling Stones starring Kristen Stewart.

And yet, here we are.

The video dropped just this morning, coinciding with the Stones' new album "Blue And Lonesome", which also arrived today (there's an Amazon purchase link for it below, if you feel like gambling today). The song itself is fine, I guess, and so's the video. There's something of a twist - a very, very mild and not-entirely-exciting twist - about halfway through the clip, but mostly it's just K-Stew tooling around Los Angeles in a Ford Mustang, presumably looking for shampoo.

What do you guys think? Dig the clip? Like the song? Where do you stand on the Rolling Stones these days? Sound off in the comments below.