Pretty Much Everyone Is In This New LEGO BATMAN Poster

Squint and maybe you can even see some Avengers.

Part of the fun in store for us when The LEGO Batman Movie comes out early next year will be seeing how many of Batman’s friends and foes will appear in the film. And according to this just released poster, it looks like we’re going to see all of them:

That is a lot of characters. I see the Justice League. I see sidekicks. And I see a shitload of villains. I’m sure you can nitpick and tell me how many Batmanners are absent, but you gotta give them an A for effort here. I'd like to see Nightwing too. That doesn't mean I'm going to complain about this deep-ass roster.

The LEGO Batman Movie comes out February 10, timed perfectly to give us a dose of hilarious joy right when we need it most. I can’t wait.