Netflix’s LUKE CAGE To Get A Second Season

Hopefully they'll give him something to do this time.

I guess some things are just inevitable. And one of them is that a Netflix Marvel show will get a second season. In other words, it’s not all that surprising that we’re going to get a Luke Cage season two.

Some of you really liked Luke Cage, so this is obviously good news for you folks. For me, it at least gives me incentive to finally finish season one at some point in the future. I tapped out around episode nine. Maybe now I’ll finally have a reason to trudge through the rest.

It’ll be a while before we actually see season two, of course. Up next for those wacky Marvel Netflix people is Iron Fist. After that, we’ll finally get the big Defenders shebang, which at only eight episodes is something I’m super looking forward to. I suppose Jessica Jones and The Punisher will follow soon after. It’s Marvel’s world. We just live in it (and get to enjoy watching it for the most part).