BC’s Book Is Free!

For a few days, it'll cost you as much as a viewing of Cathy's Curse on Youtube.

Now that I've been doing it for almost a year (and am pretty much done doing so), I can say for sure that the hardest thing about marketing Horror Movie A Day: The Book is getting across the idea that the book was mostly new material, not a copy/paste from the same-named website. I didn't get to do much promotion for it, but whenever I did do a podcast or online interview I felt I had to keep stressing that point, because I wanted people to really understand that they weren't buying anything they could just read for free. There are a lot of books out there that are more or less doing just that, and while I don't have any issue with that idea, I personally wouldn't ever want to do it - I'd want to make sure your five bucks get you something you couldn't get elsewhere.

So it's ironic in some way that now - for a very limited time anyway - I'm not even gonna charge you to read the damn thing. That's right, for five days starting today, you can head on over to Amazon and get yourself the massive Horror Movie A Day e-book, with all its new material and original artwork and careful curating, for the low low price of $0.00*. No restrictions, no timeouts, nothing like that - add it to your cart and it's yours forever (well, until an EMP wipes out all such data). And be sure to spread the good news to your friends, coworkers, etc. If they don't have an e-reader, not to worry - Amazon offers the Kindle app for your phone, and even your computer if you want to read it there. You can read along while you watch the movies on Netflix! But don't, because pay attention to at least one of them. 

Why do this, you might ask? Well it's Christmas, for starters - I'm in a giving mood and can't afford to actually buy you all a copy at the normal price, so this is easier. Also, as anyone who read the book knows, it offers a horror movie recommendation for every day of the year, so having a copy to kick off 2017 seems like a fine idea to me (and it will give you a couple weeks to start tracking down the movies if you want to watch every one of them). Indeed, we tried getting the book out for LAST Christmas, but its mammoth length proved too daunting to get it all edited and such in time, so we missed that target by a few weeks. And now that it's cold out, it's harder to say "Skip one of your daily medium Starbucks lattes and buy my book - it's the same price!" because a hot coffee sounds pretty good right now and I can't blame you for choosing its 20 minutes of warmth over my two years of hard work. Now you can have both! Sip away as I tell you all about why you need to see the likes of Messiah of Evil and Final Exam, and put the five bucks you saved toward buying one of the movies! Or one of the other BMD books

This holiday sale runs only until Saturday, so act fast. And thanks for reading - it makes my day when someone tells me they watched a movie that was recommended within its pages, and I hope this giveaway means I'll be reading such sentiments even more often.

*Sorry, e-book only for this sale. The physical copy is still regular price. But since you can use it as a weapon or doorstop, you get more bang for your buck.