New FIST FIGHT Trailer Doesn’t Do The Film Any Favors

One good meth joke does not a comedy make.

Fist Fight, a movie in which Ice Cube and Charlie Day are teachers destined to get into a brawl with each other, has a mildly funny premise. And that's about all it has according to this second trailer:

Except for the meth bit, it looks like Fist Fight is more concerned with creating a funny situation than offering any actual jokes. And while the idea of two teachers - one wildly aggressive, the other a coward - duking it out has merit, I can’t imagine that being enough to sustain a whole movie.

The whole thing is a shame, really, because I love Charlie Day and hate seeing him show up in all these spineless comedies. Give my man something to do!

In any case, should you choose to go see Fist Fight, you can do so starting February 17.