What We Can Do 12-6-2016

On things getting more crazy.

I was going to write all about the intricate details of Pizzagate, but here's a gif of the emotional experience I have when trying to do just that:


In all seriousness, the event in question is not to be chided away, but offers a horrific look into the dark side of what's really happening in the age of disinformation. As far as the details go, here's a great Vox piece on what the hell is actually happening. No, Pizzagate is not more important than the countless social issues that are going to be affected going forward, but it is a symbolic one, for the event taps right into so many of the issues currently going on: the rise of fake news, the poor cultural treatment of mental health, easy access to guns, the proliferation of conspiracy theories, cutting funding to education, and most of all: the people who will willingly exploit all of these things in order to promote a radical agenda. Make no mistake, if you look at the origins of all this, this conspiracy theory was not a reaction to some horrific event... it was curated. Which just makes the "hands off" attitude on all this stuff even more sickening. Even the gentle nudging. Look at that Jake Trapper interaction, specifically. Hate crimes are on the rise. People are feeling more and more emboldened to take action into their own hands. And to many, this is "good".

With that, please consider donating to the Treatment Advocacy Center to help improve conditions for mental health. They do a lot of small goals and localized efforts. (89 rating). Next time, we'll talk about education.

Let's get to work.