Ben Affleck Shows You His Gun In New LIVE BY NIGHT Poster

Pew pew!

Don’t forget that after Batman V Superman and The Accountant, Ben Affleck still has some 2016 up his sleeve with his gangster movie Live by Night. It’s not a whole lot of 2016 - the movie is getting an Oscar-qualifying mini-release before going wide mid-January - but it might be enough to deem the movie not very good just by having that 2016 stink on it.

I wouldn’t have said that a month ago, but people have seen this, and the first impressions aren’t great. Plus, there’s this poster:

“Joe was Once a Good Man”, now he’s just a sharp-dressed dude pointing a gun at some unseen person, maybe one of the folks in the headshots below. I dunno, he doesn't seem all that bad to me.

I'm just not sure about this movie. Initially, I thought it was going to be good without contest, but more and more I get a Ben Affleck’s Dick Tracy vibe from it. We’ll see soon enough.