Denis Villeneuve Suggests BLADE RUNNER 2049 May Not Tell Us If Deckard’s A Replicant

Wait, what?

In a new interview with French website Allocine, Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve says his highly-anticipated sequel won't "necessarily" resolve the issue of whether or not Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard is human or not. 

The Playlist did the heavy-lifting on the translation, so I'll let them tell you what he said:

"(Denis Villeneuve) says it was very important to him not to break the tension of the mystery that lingers around Scott’s original movie, or solve all its riddles. You might think that because Nexus 6 replicants only have a four-year lifespan, that the return of Ford in Blade Runner 2049 as Deckard answers the question regarding his humanity, but Villeneuve says “not necessarily.”

Well, this is an interesting wrinkle! The moment Ford was announced as part of the Blade Runner 2049 cast, most of us assumed that settled the matter once and for all, but Villeneuve sounds like he's playing a different game here. Very curious, indeed. 

I'd been toying with a theory that Harrison Ford might end up de-aged via CGI in Blade Runner 2049, and this latest definitely doesn't work against that hypothesis. It also doesn't confirm it. Also, what're the odds that Villeneuve and company would have the time to get that much CGI work completed before the film's arrival on October 5th, 2017? Y'know what, this is a stupid theory and I should stop mentioning it in public.

At any rate, Blade Runner 2049 is working its way through post-production as we speak. The world awaits the first trailer, which can't get here soon enough. Wonder when we'll see that? And what do you make of Villeneuve's suggestion that this sequel may keep Deckard's humanity a mystery? Into it or nah?