Here’s Your First Look At Peter Parker’s New Web Wings In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

The rumors were true.

Last week, a rumor started making the rounds that Spider-Man: Homecoming's Spider-suit would be upgraded with a very Steve Ditko pair of web-wings. Today, thanks to an ultra-brief teaser posted by the Sony Twitter account, we can confirm that rumor to be true.

This is one of those teaser-for-a-teaser-for-a-trailer things that are all the rage these days, but this time I'm not even mad. What we do get looks great (is Peter recording Happy Hogan from some kinda mask-cam in that found footage-esque opening shot?), I'm pumped about the wings, and the tone on display here (read: playful and fun) is precisely what I'm hoping for with Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Beyond the confirmation, there's little to go on, but those of us wishing to see the whole thing are encouraged to tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night to see the teaser in full. Of course we'll have that for you here on the site, as well, but, really, do you want to wait any extra number of minutes to see this thing? I think not.

UPDATE: They've released a better look at this footage. Check it out.

So! What do you guys think of what's here, brief as it is? You feeling it or nah?