Make Some Rob Zombie 31 Fan Art And Win Some Cool Prizes

Some of you were probably doing this already.

Rob Zombie’s 31 comes to Shudder today, and to help celebrate, the awesome horror-streaming subscription service is offering a contest you won’t believe.

The gist is simple. Send your 31-inspired poster to Shudder (for details on how to do that, go here). Rob Zombie himself will pick the winning piece. Whoever that lucky winner is will get a cool 31-themed holiday ornament and a year-long subscription to Shudder, as well as a printed and signed copy of your poster.

Take it from the man himself:

Again, details on how to enter can be found here. And seriously, if you’re into horror films, you should stick around and look at what else Shudder has to offer because it's like a dream come true for fans of the genre.