Will Ferrell Will Play A Professional Gamer In Universal’s eSports Comedy

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Will Ferrell is set to star as a competitive gamer in a comedy for Legendary.

The untitled feature will be set in the world of eSports, where players as young as 15 can earn millions through sponsorship and gameplay in sold-out arenas. As a middle-aged gamer with exceptional hand-eye coordination, Ferrell will be playing an anomaly among his younger teammates. 

Alright. Okay. I think I see where they're going with this.

So, Will Ferrell's marriage is either on the rocks or he's recently divorced. He starts gaming, discovers he's good at it, and there's some hijinks where he gets yelled at while playing online by children using very salty language. Eventually, he takes his recently-discovered talents to a local tournament, crushes it, and then he works his way up to the Big Show, where he befriends - and possibly even forms an alliance with - a weirdo kid the other dude-bro gamers pick on. They end up winning and, rather than getting back together with his wife, Will Ferrell ends up moving in with the put-upon female publicist who factored into the film earlier. Maybe they even adopt the kid.

We'll have to come back in a year or two to see how my aim is, but I'm guessing that's a fairly accurate portrait of what this movie will be.

All of that said: I loves me some Will Ferrell and will gladly sign up to watch him berate and dominate 15-year-old gamers for fabulous prizes. Here's hoping they get John C. Reilly involved somehow.