The DCTV Trinity

May there be many more group hugs in our future!

When Arrow debuted five years ago, no one could have imagined the DCTV Universe would have ended up where it is today. With four shows going strong, the Arrowverse has finally made its first steps to its own version of The Justice League in their explosive "Invasion" crossover event. Fans lost their minds when the abandoned building that Barry just so happened to own turned out to be the Hall of Justice. Of course, those with a keen eye already noticed the iconic building in the background of the promo posters CW released.

With so many key differences from their individual source material, particularly in Arrow, skeptics say we won’t ever see The Justice League form in DC’s TV division. However, it’s not Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman that make the trinity, at least in the way that many people think. The big three have remained as such throughout the years because of what they represent, not just their names and their symbols. 

While we got our first glimpses at the Hall of Justice, we also saw a new trinity start to take form in "Invasion". Their formation didn’t just take place in their strengths, but also in their flaws, much like our original big three. 

Arrow’s Oliver Queen has been much more Bruce Wayne/Batman than the traditional Ollie/Green Arrow from day one. Though they’ve started making progress with the character, giving him jokes here and there, and playing into the character’s love for mundane things like cooking, he still sits pretty firmly in Dark Knight territory. This makes him the most obvious connection out of the Arrowverse’s big three. He fulfills the logic and deduction corner, as well as a penchant for more extreme measures when he finds them necessary. 

Barry and Kara are a grayer area. While the two of them will likely move back and forth, fulfilling the other two roles in their own way, they both still fit into one set of characteristics more than the other. Kara may be pretty much the same character as her cousin, but it’s actually Barry who fills the Superman role in my mind. Superman is the god who turned himself into a man, and his struggle of balance is a pretty constant narrative through his arcs. Barry has found himself with these immense powers and is still trying to figure out how to deal with their ramifications three years in. 

The Flash’s strong penchant for trust is also what puts him firmly in the Superman category. Barry has this unfortunate habit of revealing his identity. All Superheroes are a bit more freewheeling with their secret identities nowadays, but Barry seems to be ahead of the race. In addition to his trust is his belief that all people can change. He saw a hero in Captain Cold before anyone else gave him a second glance, and continues to try to be there for Julian, despite the two's distaste for one another. 

Finally, there’s the Girl of Steel. As I mentioned before, she has all the hope of her cousin, but there’s less of a struggle for what her powers mean and the question of balance. She had it for a portion of the first season, before the show moved from CBS to The CW, but now that her move is complete, the writers have taken her in a different direction. She still has her issues of course, but Kara fills much more of the Wonder Woman role in the Arrowverse. 

Supergirl may not be a healer in the traditional sense that Diana is, but it’s impossible to deny her own form of healing powers. Sure, that’s all emotionally speaking, but look at this sad band of vigilantes and tell me they don’t all need a strong dose of emotional healing. She’ll also act as a counterbalance to Barry and Oliver’s two very different personalities, providing a tie breaker in situations where the two just can’t find compromise. While it’s likely we’ll see her tend more to Barry’s side of things, Kara is also very capable of making the tough call when she needs to. 

I would also be completely remiss to not mention that she’s a feminine hero from a foreign land. Supergirl may not be the only kind of feminist hero that the world needs, but almost every message that she and her show bring forward are important, and matter in a very real way. Kara may not be the only source of those relevant moments, but she’s certainly a big one. 

While we may never see a traditional Justice League storyline moving forward with the characters in the Arrowverse, I can’t help but look forward to the dynamic that this new trinity will bring forward in coming seasons. In a vast contrast to the DCEU, and the Snyder rhetoric, we see hope in characters that are supposed to inspire hope, darkness in characters that are meant to have darkness (but not too much). We see a balance between characters that aren’t supposed to be remotely the same, and who will come together to form the greatest team in all of the infinite Earths.