The Gunslinger Stares Down The Man In Black In A New Image From THE DARK TOWER

Not this photo. The one in the article. Click through, Gunslinger.

A new image from Sony's upcoming The Dark Tower adaptation has made its way online, and, man: what an image.

Here it is, along with the Tweet where it seems to have originated:

Running a reverse Google Image search on that photo doesn't currently pull up any results. To the best of my knowledge, this is where it came from (shout-out to Twitter user @JackVincenes for pointing me in its direction). It certainly looks legit - that's definitely McConaughey as the Man In Black, and that's definitely Idris Elba as Roland - but I wonder why we're seeing it here and not, say, over at Entertainment Weekly.

(Update: I've been informed this photo was recently added to the film's official electronic press kit. So, definitely legit.)

But, anyway, how great is this photo? Roland looks appropriately furious with The Man In Black; The Man In Black looks appropriate unmoved by Roland's fury. Not sure it's possible to make out any details in the background. Our foes appear to be standing inside ... wait, is that a rifle case on the top shelf? Perhaps they're in an armory ... or, I dunno, a certain gun shop? 

As you know, The Dark Tower will not arrive until the end of July 2017, so we've got plenty of time to figure all this out. Sound off with your thoughts on the image above in the comments below, my fellow Tower junkies.