Family No More: FATE OF THE FURIOUS Trailer Rocks The Boat

Dom's crew won't squash this latest beef over a few Coronas.

For those of us wondering how much gas is left in the tank of the Fast & Furious franchise, the new trailer for The Fate Of The Furious might provide some clues.

Whoa! Dom goes rogue! Betrayal! New alliances! A chase on the ice with a gatdamn submarine! That's a new thing, right? I'm not the guy to sing the praises of this franchise to you - based on Devin and Evan's rantings back in the day I got on board with Fast 5, and it seemed like some rapidly diminishing returns over the next two sequels. I just never got around to caring about the characters the way some seem to, ironically or otherwise. Still, these things are always well-rendered and filled out with often great supporting casts, and that trend certainly continues here, with the addition of Helen Mirren (!) and Charlize Theron. And hey, the rule in my house is when Kurt Russell is in a movie, you go see it, so ticket sold here. What say you guys?

The Fate Of The Furious (seriously, nice restraint on not going with F8, whilst still riffing on F8) opens April 14, 2017.