Director Of ASSASSIN’S CREED Would Like To Make A ‘50s-Set Noir Sequel

Would watch.

In a new interview with Premiere, Assassin's Creed director Justin Kurzel says that he's already got ideas lined up for a sequel, should the first film prove successful enough to warrant one.


"I thought about maybe not going too far back, maybe into, like, the ’50’s in America. You know, I think that could be a really interesting period around the Cold War. Traditionally, I think they’ve gone back further than that. Recent history is something I’m quite interested in. You can definitely kind of do a film-noir thing to it.”

Kurzel is right: the Assassin's Creed series has traditionally reached much further into our collective past than the 1950's. One of the games (the dreaded Assassin's Creed 3) did take place in America, but it was Colonial Era America, featured the most unlikable protagonist in the history of the franchise, and we should stop talking about it immediately before I give myself a migraine thinking about how deadly boring the entire thing was. I mean, yikes.

Anyway, a noir-themed Assassin's Creed could be interesting! I'd be curious to see how the franchise's bonkers mythology (which some of you got a taste of for the first time in the most recently-released trailer) would gel with a film-noir aesthetic. I'd also honestly just like to see a dude in a trenchcoat doing parkour and stabbing heads in 1950's Brooklyn. I'd be way into that.

What do you guys think? Setting aside the very real possibility that we might never see a sequel to Assassin's Creed (fingers crossed!), wouldja be into this or not so much? Sound off below.