Patrick Wilson To Play This Weird-Looking Dude In James Wan’s AQUAMAN

His name is ORM and he's Aquaman's half-brother.

According to a new report over at Deadline ...

Patrick Wilson has been set by Warner Bros and director James Wanto co-star in Aquaman. Jason Momoa plays the title character, and Wilson will play the fish whisperer’s supervillain half brother ORM, also known as Ocean Master, in the DC film that Warner Bros will release October 5, 2018.

This will be just another in a long line of collaborations between Wilson and Wan, who already worked together on two Insidious movies and two The Conjuring movies. It will also be Wilson's first foray back into the comic book genre following Zack Snyder's Watchmen, where the actor starred as Night Owl, a crime-fighting pseudo-Batman with a taste for unfortunate sex scenes.

What does ORM's presence in Aquaman tell us about that 2018 film's plot? Honestly, I have no idea. The film's already got a villain in Black Manta, so I'm guessing he and ORM will be joining forces to make life even more difficult than it already is for our trident-wielding hero. Poor Aquaman.

Aquaman arrives on October 5th, 2018, which means it'll almost definitely be here before Justice League 2.