Ryan Gosling’s Funny Story About Being Punched In The Face Reveals Key BLADE RUNNER 2049 Detail

Caution: this post probably contains a BLADE RUNNER 2049 spoiler.

Caution: the following may contain a Blade Runner 2049 spoiler.

Today, GQ's got a brand-new profile of La La Land's Ryan Gosling, and I highly recommend that you swing by their site and read it. Gosling comes across as funny, intelligent, and very self-aware in a way that you don't often see from stars of his stature. He also kinda lets slip a key plot detail from Blade Runner 2049 while telling an amusing anecdote about being punched in the face by Harrison Ford.

Here's the exchange:

Did I hear that Harrison Ford punched you in the face?

He looks surprised. “How did you hear that?”

I've got people on every corner, too.

“Yeah, he did. It was kind of, you know, a rite of passage.”

How did it happen?

“We were just doing a fight scene and, you know, it just happened. But what was funny was, when it was over, they brought ice for my face, and Harrison pushed me out of the way and stuck his fist in the ice.” He laughs. “I asked him the other day where he got his sense of humor from—was it from his mother or his father? He said, ‘Sears.’ And he didn't have much time to shop around so he just had to grab one and get out.”

As far as stories about being punched in the face by Harrison Ford go, this is among the very best, but it also reveals something interesting about Blade Runner 2049: Gosling and Ford will have a fight scene. If, like me, you are absolutely starved for information about this project and looking for any scrap of information you can find about it, that's pretty intriguing. 

We already know that Ford won't be in the film as much as we previously thought, and now we're learning that he and Gosling's character will have - at least in one scene! - an adversarial relationship.

Of course, this doesn't confirm anything. Goslings and Fords can have fistfights for all kinds of reasons. But for anyone who's placed their bets on "Ryan Gosling is a new Blade Runner who's been tasked with tracking down Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard" in the What's The Plot Of Blade Runner 2049? betting pool, I expect this little nugget of info will be of particular interest.

Head on over to GQ to read the rest of their Gosling profile (there's more to the story above, too), and sound off in the comments below with your speculation as to what this fistfight might mean for Blade Runner 2049.