Ben Mendelsohn Will Play The Sheriff Of Nottingham In ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS

It's your classic good news/bad news scenario!

Robin Hood: Origins, a film whose very existence we've been snickering at since it was revealed to be an actual movie and not just the basis for an exceptionally mediocre Saturday Night Live sketch, just pulled one helluva power move on us: it hired Ben Mendelsohn to play the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Here's the news, via The Hollywood Reporter:

Ben Mendelsohn, seen in the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as Imperial officer Orson Krennic, is in final negotiations to play the villain in the feature that stars Kingsman actor Taron Egerton as the English outlaw.

Jamie Foxx is set to star as Little John, while The Knick star Eve Hewson will play Maid Marion.

Well, we're really in a pickle now, aren't we? On the one hand, another Robin Hood movie - be it an origin story, a futuristic reimagining, a ska-based musical, a stop-motion western, an "interactive scent experience" or an animated snuff film - is not something many people seem to be chomping at the bit for. On the other hand, we're at a point where we have to admit that director Otto Bathurst has assembled a pretty goddamn amazing cast, one that'll be undeniably fun to see bouncing off one another on-screen. Guess it's time to tone down the eyerolling and hope for the best.

Robin Hood: Origins does not currently have a start date, but is well on its way to finalizing its cast, so expect some news on that front soon.