CONTEST: Help Us Design The Worst Movie Poster Of 2016

#JaiBless us, everyone.

Last year, we launched a contest which tasked you, the Birth.Movies.Death. readership, with designing the worst movie poster of 2015. The contest brought in dozens of entries, led to the creation of the #JaiBless hashtag, and was - if I may be so bold - one of the funniest things ever to be featured on this site. 

In the time since, a whole bunch of you have asked me when we might launch a 2016 edition of the contest. Welp, it's time to dust off those Photoshop skills and get creative, because the time has come: today we're officially launching the "Design The Worst Movie Poster Of 2016" contest, and you're all invited to play along.

Here are the rules, which I ultimately decided to leave unchanged:

  • All entries, however grotesque, should still resemble a modern-day movie poster. Same basic dimensions and concept: a title, a background, some names, people, etc. 
  • To facilitate maximum clusterfuckery, your poster should include elements from at least 5 different 2016 movies
  • Per tradition, your poster should also include at least one reference to Jai Courtney. 
  • We would prefer you use Photoshop (or some equivalent program) to get the job done. 
  • Once your poster is completed, post it to the comments below. Readers are encouraged to upvote their favorites, but of course I will have final say on the winner.

What does this look like in practice? Here are some of the entires we received last year, for reference (sorry, these are being posted uncredited, but rest assured we cherish them all):

That last one didn't follow the rules and (if I remember correctly) was thus disqualified, but come on: that's a classic and deserves a little recognition, even if it couldn't win a prize.

Speaking of prizes, I've got just the thing: some #JaiBless shirts (sizes XL and large) created by BMD reader Adrian Torres for this year's Fantastic Fest, along with some exclusive #JaiBless buttons (some of which were created by Adrian, some of which will come from my personal stash). Not only are these items impossible to find anywhere else, but you will straight-up baffle people when you wear them out in public. Win-win!

The winner, by the way, will be selected by me this coming Sunday (December 18th) and announced here the following morning (December 19th, that's how dates work). Grand prize winner gets a #JaiBless shirt and buttons, while two runners-up will receive an envelope containing a random selection of ... just the buttons. You can flip them on eBay for millions of dollars, I bet.

Please follow the rules closely, post your entries to the comments section on this post (don't just send me your entries on Twitter; that doesn't count), and feel free to upvote the ones you really like for greater visibility. If last year's entries are any indication, the results should be a full-on spectacle, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. 

Good luck, and #JaiBless us all.