Former SNL Cast Member Taran Killam Will Get To See HAMILTON Every Stinking Night

More powerful than Mike Pence.

It is hard to get Hamilton tickets. Not only are they super expensive, but they tend to sell out quickly. Sometimes getting in requires a great amount of creativity.

Tara Killam just beat that game, though. According to Variety, the former SNL cast member has joined the Broadway cast as King George. And there’s already a picture of him in costume! (It’s up there at the top of this article.)

Of course, this is super awesome news, both for people seeing Hamilton anytime soon and for Killam who will now get to see it every night. And that role! All you have to do is sing the same song three times. Easy!

Killam’s run on the show begins January 17, along with a handful of other new people who weren’t on Saturday Night Live.

And don’t forget, Killam made an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called Why We’re Killing Gunther that sounds wonderful. Keep an eye out for that as well. It’s looking like 2017 may be year of Killam.