Katherine Heigl Plays To The Haters In Nutso UNFORGETTABLE Trailer

“You fuckers thought you didn’t like me before? Get a load of this!”

It seems almost axiomatic that people simply do not like Katherine Heigl. Maybe the did at first, but that shit soured. As a result, her romantic comedy career never really took off.

But what happens if instead of trying to be everyone’s pal, she shoots for being everyone’s worst nightmare? Unforgettable gives that scenario a whirl:

(They say it's not the size that counts.)

For those who couldn’t make it through the trailer. Unforgettable is about a crazy ex-wife who decides to make life miserable for her ex-man’s new lady, played by Rosario Dawson. You know she’s crazy simply because she thinks she has any kind of chance when Rosario Dawson is in the room. If she had any real friends, they’d get her drunk and tell her the score.

I figure our culture demands at least one movie a year where some crazy lady throws down hardcore on people, and 2017’s entry is coming right out of the gate, hitting April 21. Enjoy it.