She walked among the dead, now she’ll trek around the stars.

Variety reports something we’ve been expecting for a while now, a lead for the upcoming Star Trek Discovery. That actress will be The Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green.

As you probably remember, Martin-Green will play the ship’s Lt. Commander and will provide the show with its central focus. Everyone thinks this is groundbreaking because it means the captain won’t be the first-billed star of the show. Technically this is a break from tradition. But I would argue that Star Trek captains, particularly after TOS, are rarely the show’s focal point in a regular sense. They get their character episodes in rotation with everyone else's and they chime in as needed when it’s not their turn. If this show plans to focus exclusively on Martin Green’s character and experiences, THAT would be the break from the norm. No Star Trek show yet has revolved around one main character.

But the show is going to be different from the norm in a number of ways. That’s part of why it’s so exciting. I dropped out of The Walking Dead super early, so I can’t comment on Sonequa Martin-Green’s acting abilities, but it’s hard not getting choked up with pride over a Star Trek show that has a black female lead and an Asian captain, among a whole bunch of other progressive inclusions. Which is exactly what Star Trek is supposed to be!