War Is (Beautiful) Hell In New Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s DUNKIRK

Including exactly one second of hot Tom Hardy ace fighter pilot action.

Well here it is. A full trailer for Christopher Nolan’s big summer movie extravaganza, Dunkirk:

I know a lot of you are excited about this movie, but I’m not quite there yet. Despite a cast that includes Bane, Scarecrow, the director of Thor, one of the Backstreet Boys and Bridge of Spy himself, this just feels like generic war movie footage with no unifying story. I tried to right this wrong by reading up on the Battle of Dunkirk, but it didn’t help much.

Maybe it doesn’t matter though. This is Nolan, and of course the footage looks great. It’ll be weird if this movie comes out and there truly is no Michael Caine to be found, but we’ll live. I imagine by the time July 21 rolls around, we’ll all be hungry for some big budget, sobering, non-superhero action, and it looks like Dunkirk will have our back.