They Did It. They Finally Made A Documentary About Cute Cats

Just watch it and get it over with. You have no power here.

Apparently in Istanbul, stray cats are kind of just part of the scenery (my neighborhood is like this too, but sometimes the cats are raccoons). There are thousands of them and people let them walk in and out of their lives, possibly teaching them magical lessons along the way. So of course, someone realized how much the internet loves cats and made a documentary about them called Kedi:

Look, I’m not made of stone. That shit is cute, especially the bit where they give the seven cat stars arbitrary personalities. I’m not going to go out of my way to see this, but if I were to stumble upon it late at night, I doubt I’d change the channel.

You cat lovers out there should be in hog heaven, though. Now all I need is one of these about a town overrun with three-legged dogs.