This Week, Austin Became LA LA LAND

In which a magical city gets a little more magical.

In honor of La La Land, we're presenting a week of articles inspired by the film. You can buy your tickets here!

To celebrate this week's opening of La La Land - one of the year's best films, and possibly the best film of the year - our friends at Fons PR spent the week bringing a little of that Los Angeles magic to Austin, and they did so in style.

Here's how they kicked off the week:

We kicked off the week partnering with local companies Card My Yard and Over Austin Photography to capture a gorgeous scenic photo over Mount Bonnell with giant sized 3ft tall letters to re-create the feeling of dreaming when you see the iconic "Hollywood" sign in California.

Not only is that a lovely display, but it's also photographic proof that Texas has something approximating hills. We told you guys and you didn't wanna listen! 

Later in the week, another event was put together: KEYE-CBS We Are Austin co-host Jordan Steele and professional dance partner Yelena Laningham (from Austin-based Balance Dance Studios) ended weeks of training with a public choreographed dance set to La La Land's "A Lovely Night". Here's what that looked like in action:

If still photos aren't your thing, they also captured video from the performance:

Well done, folks! Austin could use a little of that La La Land magic. Suggestion: next time, let's use it to turn those I-35 traffic jams into a showstopping musical number. 

You can, and should, buy tickets to see La La Land at the Alamo Drafthouse here.