And Now, The Results Of Our Worst Movie Poster Of 2016 Contest

You guys killed it.

Well, you guys did it. We asked that you design the worst possible movie poster for 2016, and you more than delivered.

I mean, there are some real eyesores in here. Let's get straight to it.

Granny's Peach Tea by Greg Saunders

Hail, Jai! by Brandon Norris

Jaicraft by [A]

Meet Creech by Keegan

Aconite Jury by Brayduck

Courting Death by Koonzelman

Jaingle 2 Jaingle by Adam

Fuck Mountain by Something

Courtney by Mrdrofficer

Batman V Superman: Election Year by William Mahaffey

And here are our big winners. In fourth place, we've got this monstrosity:

The Jaingle Book Vol. 2 by Dave Trumbore

In third place, almost entirely for the "LEGO MANCHESTER BY THE SEA" gag:

Hell Or Jai Water: Civil War by Sam Haft

In second place (and goddamn, was this a close call):

Swiss Lobster Squad by David The Pants

And, finally, our grand-prize winner:

Mr. Burton's Home For Controversial White People by Matthew Smith

Pretty much everyone who entered the contest this year is a winner in some way, even if it's an abstract one which nets them no physical prizes. Sometimes, dignity and self-respect are their own rewards, and everyone who entered certainly has both of those things.

As for our winners: third and forth place will both receive a set of #JaiBless buttons, while our first and second place winners will both be receiving a #JaiBless t-shirt and a set of buttons. Because it's the holidays and our mail system is a complete disaster, I'll be waiting to ship all of these prizes out until after January 1st. In the meantime, all winners need to make sure they're following me on Twitter, so I can follow you back and initiate a DM conversation that will allow me to get your shipping addresses.

Head on over to our original post to see every entry, and be sure to congratulate this year's winners in the comments below. We'll see you again next year, fans of terrible things.