PREVENGE Trailer: Alice Lowe’s Fetus Is Trying To Kill Her

The SIGHTSEERS co-writer and star has a new kind of horror movie.

Alice Lowe is brilliant. She wrote and starred in Ben Wheatley's Sightseers with Steve Oram, and she's been working in comedy for well over a decade. She's got a brutal sensibility to her humor, one that really stands out in the trailer for her feature directorial debut, Prevenge

That looks SO GOOD, doesn't it? What a darkly brilliant concept, this quite literal take on the anxieties of pregnancy and parenting. Sure, everyone tells you that if you have a kid, your life will change for the better in ways you could never anticipate, this tiny force of nature that shuffles all of your priorities and illustrates what truly matters. 

But the thing is, nature's a bit of an ass. 

Prevenge is released in the UK on February 10, and will presumably arrive in the States some time after that.