Rumor: The ALIEN: COVENANT Trailer Will Be Here Soon, Feature A David Bowie Cover

Some details on the forthcoming teaser, plus two new photos. We take what we can get.

Our friends over at Trailer Track, who recently tipped us off to the arrival of yesterday's Blade Runner 2049 trailer, are back with a new heads up: according to them, the Alien: Covenant trailer will be here any day now ... and will feature a David Bowie cover.

Here's what they're saying: 

The trailer (reportedly soundtracked by a trailer-ised David Bowie cover – way to jump onto that trend) has been screened to press by Fox at various showcase events over the last few weeks, and looks to be the final big-name trailer release of 2016. Word from these events is that, while it’s not playing theatrically with Assassin’s Creed in the U.S. this week, we could be seeing the trailer sometime this weekend – and if the new daily release of stills accompanied by mysterious number series is to go by, we are definitely getting close.

No idea if this is true or not, but I'm being told the song is Bowie's cover of "Nature Boy". Here's what that sounds like, if you're unfamiliar. If that is, indeed, the Bowie song used in this trailer (I would've put all my money on a slowed-down version of "Space Oddity"), I suppose it's a pretty fitting tune for Michael Fassbender's David, who we know will be up to his old hijinks in Alien: Covenant.

Moving on, let's talk about those stills. The Alien: Covenant Twitter feed dropped a few new photos on us recently, and they're ... well, look at 'em.

Here we seem to have a number of cryo-sleep pods, all in a row. Oh, man. Just wait until the stupid crew members inside those pods step out, make a cup of coffee, and get immediately attacked by a series of genetically-modified, acid-spitting monstrosities with dong-shaped heads. It's gonna be great!

Then we've got this shot, which appears to show some sort of strike team moving in for the kill. I'm guessing this is the Covenant's response team? Side note: kinda interesting to see tall grass in the Alien universe, isn't it? Usually it's just a bunch of rooms that look like rib cages, plus some slime and stuff.

All signs point to the Alien: Covenant trailer being here any day - possibly any minute - now. Do stay tuned. We'll have that footage in front of you as soon as it lands on our doorstep. 

Oh, and PS: we may be getting a Dark Tower trailer this week, as well, but don't hold me to that.