Is ROGUE ONE The End Of Michael Giacchino’s Punny Track Titles?

Michael Giacchino's pun-filled track titles have been stolen and we know where they are!

Did you hear? Rogue One opened in theaters last week. The question is, how many times did you see it? It’s true the internet is crazy-full of articles, ramblings, thoughts, discussions, tweets, and posts covering a variety of minutia regarding the film; however, there is an interesting footnote related to the release of the soundtrack that is worth sharing.

Last March I wrote an article chronicling the origin and history of Rogue One composer Michael Giacchino’s penchant for penning punny track titles which some people adore (like me) and others seem to detest. There was a bit of curiosity flamed amongst the film music faithful when the track listing released for the Rogue One soundtrack album featured very simple, saccharin descriptors for each title. Where were the ubiquitous Giacchino puns?

If you purchased the album, you might notice an interesting surprise. Inside the liner notes is an “alternate track listing” featuring the puns Giacchino is known for…and there are some great ones! For those looking to add another “World’s Worst…” track to their collection…yes, there’s one of those in there as well.

I love Giacchino’s cleverly-written track titles. They’re so much more fun and interesting than “Cargo Shuttle SW-0608” or “The Master Switch”; however, I’m also a die-hard Star Wars fan and have to admit that they are probably too wide a departure from the prescribed traditions of forty years of Star Wars naming standards. Rogue One is a bridge film on many levels. It’s an opportunity to open up the franchise to new traditions and so far, it’s succeeding on a variety of levels both large and small. Here in this seemingly innocuous example, even the inclusion of an alternate track listing featuring the punny track titles of Michael Giacchino, is helping to bridge the gap between what is familiar and nostalgic to what is fresh and revitalizing. I’m glad they officially went with a simple titling structure for the album; however, Giacchino’s inclusion of alternate track titles in the liner notes is extremely joyful and a small addition helping expand the newest ingredients of the Star Wars universe.