You Should Probably Watch THE MUMMY Trailer Without Sound Effects

Put a smile on your face.

Mistakes happen. Some of them are better than others. Last night a big one was made regarding The Mummy’s IMAX trailer. A version without sound effects was uploaded to YouTube. It has since been taken down, but that’s not stopping the internet:

Fair warning, despite what I said above, this version might also get taken down. So enjoy it while it lasts. (UPDATE: as expected, this got yanked. We'll keep an eye our for another one, but don't hold your breath!)

And there is a lot to enjoy. Tom Cruise’s weird overdub screaming was funny enough when the first trailer appeared. Now it’s down right hilarious. This is like one of those isolated song vocal track experiments, except with the added benefit of visuals and ACTING! I love it and hope it brightens your day just as it did mine.

The Mummy (with sound effects) comes out this summer.